💩poop story💩

Christy • Diagnosed with PCOS 8/4/2016
Story 1:
I farted in the car yesterday unintentionally. Back story: I had diarrhea for 2 days which he knows because he bought me antidiarheals and now I needed to finally have a decent normal poop so as we are driving home I play dumb shift side ways squirming as I know I need to go and he's like "oh what do you wanna do?" and I told him "well when we get home I need to use the restroom". Then not 15 secs pass and I let out a hot fart. He looks at me and in seconds the smell consumed the car.. He began to scream "omg it smells like shit in here! " he opened all the windows in hopes that the smell would leave and I played stupid like "the smell must be from outside" he looked me dead in the face and said  "no that came from you, funny how you said you need to go to the bathroom and suddenly it smells like death.. You farted and that's gross" I laughed and cried in embarrassment. I can't help but nervously laugh after I've farted. 
Story 2:
We were on a cruise and it was the last night and we were clubbing; we were in the dance floor breaking it down and my stomach wasn't having it. So I let out a bunch of gas as I continued dancing the music was loud no one heard but the smell came with a vengeance. He grabbed my hand and mouthed to me "omg someone shitted lets go" he pulled me and we ran to the other side as I continued laughing and farting.. The smell followed us. He was telling me "omg babe people are so nasty the smell was like pure shit. Eww I can't believe it" at this point I'm crying from laughter and he looks at me and says "oh it was you! You are a pig!" 
I'm sorry gas makes me laugh