Should I tell him?

Ok so this guy I really like had sex with me two weeks ago (the 11th) we talked for exactly 1 week after then I let it slip that I miss him and he cut off communication though last I saw has opened past messages I sent. Over the past few days I have been going through bouts of nausea, had extremely sore breasts, been abnormally tired ect and my period is now 10 days late. We did not use a condom because I take birth control although i work nights and never take it at the same time. My question is, when I take that test tomorrow should I let him know the result even though he is icing me out or should I just leave it alone in case he thinks I'm trying to trap him or something. I really didn't do this on purpose. What would you ladies do (I'm still fighting the urge to tell him I miss him right now)