Treating hayfever in pregnancy!

I suffer with chronic hayfever every summer and usually have to take chlorophenamine melate (piroton drowsy) as none of the eye drops/nose sprays/non drowsy stuff help in the slightest. Sooo. I found out thursday that im expecting. 4 weeks along :) last night my eyes swelled shut coz of pollen and i had to go to bed as was unable to treat it. Climbing the walls with the itchiness. Gp said to speak to chemist, chemist said to speak to gp. Anyone else have any ideas how to safely treat hayfever in pregnancy??? Thanks x also congrats to all other march mummies on this thread. Mine due 3rd march which is hubbys bday. Its been pointed out to me that that means we had sex same day as my in-laws did 33 years ago. Image i have been trying to wipe from my mind ever since x