Postpartum anxiety

I think I may be suffering from postpartum anxiety. Has anyone experienced this before. I can't relax for anything. I have always been a bit OCD but I'm 10x worse. My mind constantly has a mile long to do list. Even if it's washing bottlds because there's one 1 in the sink. In constantly worried my LO is sick. I can't sleep. When I do I wake up in panic thinking my pillow is my LO and that I've smothered her in my sleep. It takes me white a while to fully wake up and realize it's just my pillow. This happens every single time. I've turned into a raging monster. I hate anyone touching my LO. In terrified to go back to work. I had a panic attack going to look at a day care yesterday because the reality of it terrified me. Any advice or knowledge is welcome. Yes I'm going to call my doc. Just can't today because it's Sunday