Second time+ mummies this is gonna be a long read sorry.

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So basically on my way home from a weekend away with friends and my partner, yesterday I think we worked out we walked almost 7miles over the course of 6hours, lots of hills and when we walked back to the car(my partners friend drove) I got a really intense pain in my right front of my bump, I felt sick with it, could barely eat my supper and couldn't really sleep with being so uncomfortable compared to Friday night when I slept like a brick. Today Ive have back ache in the right side and I've been getting really strong braxton hick(so I'm thinking at 26+4weeks) in my front also my colostrum in my left breast isn't clear anymore, it's like a milky yellow and last week I was constantly with a watery discharge which was started with a yellowy mucus which after googled looked like a bit of my plug. With my first I went to 40+4 before my waters broke then needed to be induced and ended up having him at 41+1, never had this kind of pain before and worried it's early labour, when I get home I'm gonna phone the hospital and see what they say but I'm still an hour before I'm home. Has anyone had similar and it just been pelvic girdle pain related?