I think I'm going crazy


Every time I complain about something, my husband says, "well, would you rather not be pregnant?" or, "did you think about the baby?"... Of course I think about the baby, he's on my mind 24/7...It's impossible for me NOT to think about the baby.. I'm doing all the right things, especially with gestational diabetes. I'd never do anything to harm the baby and I'm over the moon I get to be pregnant with him. But, fuck... If I want to complain, give some sort of sympathy. Don't tell me all the things I'm restricted to do and act like I should be happy just sitting around the house or cleaning. He won't even let me paint the nursery doors... Outside. It can't be more ventilated than that. I can't help with yard work, I can't take the dogs for a walk or to the dog park. I can sit, clean, and go to work.

I know he's just being protective, but get a grip dude. I'm not fucking broken and I think I know my own limits.

So, now here I am. Crying in the bathroom because I can't piece together sentences to tell him how I feel. I just want to punch him for insinuating I don't put the baby first.