I know we are all uncomfortable.

It's coming ladies we are so close to the end and as days go by they next seems twice as long. I'm currently 36+4 and had a scare thinking my baby might come yesterday due to preeclampsia. As much as I'm sick of being pregnant and with this heat and my large belly preventing me from functioning I will always want my baby to be born healthy. I've seen mom's post asking why others are ready to start trying to induce at home...well I'm happy for you that your comfortable enough to hang in there but for me I've had a head ache that comes and gose putting me on my left side for most of the day my laundry is backed up my dishes are filling up I can't stand long enough to do them with out horrible pains in my feet. I slept in today and still feel like the walking dead. I'm just ready now. Like I said before once that 37 week hits I'm ready to try any labor inducing thing out there. I'm going to eat dates and pinapple and ginger snap while having sex if have to. My babies wt was estimated at 5lbs at 32 weeks and has been 100% healthy or they would have delivered yesterday. I understand how some can see it as selfish but I'm to the point of I need this baby out and in my arms so I can heal and get back to taking care of my house and other children. Okay thanks that's my rant of the day.