Nicked 3 month olds son while clipping nails.

Nicole • I am a first time mom to be to a baby boy. 👶🏻💙We couldn't be more blessed.
Hi Mommies,
I was trimming my sons nails (they grow so fast) and I accidentlty nicked the corner of his thumb, it bled, and had to apply pressure so it would stop, we eventually put a band aid on it. He had little spots of blood throughout the cloth when we were applying pressure (it's the tiniest nick) He cried, of course just for a second, and I breastfed him immediately.! He started smiling a little while after, but I feel so horrible now. Just wanted to put this out there and hear some of your Mommy stories. I called my Mom and she said she remembers doing that to me.... Welcome to motherhood lol.