Coming to an end 😒

Megan β€’
So my LO is 4 months old. He's been ebf with bottles at daycare. But I think our nursing times are coming to an end. I have been really depressed about it because I wanted to make it to a year. Whenever he's at daycare she feeds him more per bottle then what I send. And if I don't send extra she will say he's really hungry so then I send an extra bag. Well the other day she told me she had been mixing the bottles to make then more. So now every time we nurse at home he's not satisfied. So I have to make him a small bottle to make him happy. I have enough milk pumped to last us a while, but I just feel so bad because I wanted to nurse longer. And I can still pump since I'm not dried up. I just don't know what to do!! Do I just stop nursing and give him only bottles?