More News on the Draft


I've read and have seen reposted that women (ages 18-26) must sign up for the draft right away. It also stated the new draft may take affect as early as 2018.

Since I currently serve, my opinions might differ from general consensus.

Most of the women I know on facebook, for example, have comments that are really negative and some of them say they won't be signing up.

In my humble opinion, I've found that I think (regardless of gender) that if you don't *want* to serve, are against serving and have no respect for the people who have served before them, then they shouldn't be forced into signing for the draft. I feel we really don't need them. There are people who would give away so much to be in their place and would wear a uniform and their ribbons proudly, and most of all, they would work their asses off knowing what their cause means.

At first, I felt accomplished and proud of this law passing. Now I'm not so sure. I honestly haven't seen one woman I know think about the draft from any perspective except their own selfish perspective. Men have been forced for years. Men have families too. And men have other dreams and goals, just like women. Yet you rarely hear a man complain. Just a thought. I'm not trying to make women look bad. I serve with a lot of amazing women and I know a lot of understading women who send their men away to the other side of the world repeatedly. I have a lot of respect for this lifestyle, but I guess it can be hard to have that when you haven't lived it. Just as I am ignorant to some other lifestyles.