Relationship help. I really like him

I had a crush on this guy for two years and when I finally gave up on him, we were at a house party and we made out in my car and we went pretty far but he asked if its ok if we had sex and I said that I don't know(im still a Virgin and he knew it) and he was like "I don't think we should because you need to be completely sure about it" so we didn't end up having sex. 
The next few week we started texting and snap chatting a lot. We hung out a few times but i feel too shy when I'm with him which is unusual Bc I'm very outgoing. This guy is just a very sweet and shy guy but I'm not sure if he's interested in having a relationship with me or not.. We are both going to stay around the area for college so it's not that far for relationships but then again, it's college and everyone loves to be single during this time.