Complaining about mamas

Not here to judge anyone. Why are there so many women that complain about their moms giving some advice on how to do things? Is she not your mom? Did she not give birth to you and raise you? Just because you are grown up now, should it mean you don't like what she says? You may have an opinion, why don't you discuss and sort it out rather than bitching about her here? Whatever she says or does, it's not because she wants to dominate you and own your child. The child is still yours. Be glad that she is there to guide you and if you differ, have a grown up conversation. Mothers are extremely valuable and going to be a mother yourself, you have to understand it better than anyone else. Value her. Treasure her. Excuse her. Talk to her. Don't complain coz there are many pregnant women out there who badly want their moms at this moment but they aren't there.