What would you think.!?

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Im 23 i got marry 2 years ago.! I already have 2 boys. (7 and 5) my husband really wants to have a baby and to be honest i do too.! But at the same time im so scare of all the people that always have something to say.! Sometimes even ur own family say things that make u feel bad.! Even if is something so small like oooh u pregnat AGAIN.!? Like u have 10 kids already.! Idk but it makes me so upset how people think they better than u bcuz u have kids and they dont.! I have a aunt that always try to make people think that my causen is better than me bcuz she doesnt have kids yet and we are the same age.! But we both finish high school at the same time and have a good job.! Another thing that i dont like is how people is constantly asking u if u pregnat.! If u gain or loose weight thts the 1st thing they think.! I mean i get it.! I was youngh and probably not the best time but 5 years have past.! So i want to ask u all to be honest and tell me if u knew me what would you say/think about me been pregnat.!?