I did it!

samantha • Mom to Annabelle Rose born 4/20/16 ❤️️
Hi ladies!
So 9 weeks and 4 days ago I ended up having an unplanned c section. My induced labor lasted 29 hours. After several rounds of pitocin, I just wouldn't dilate all the way. I felt completely and utterly defeated. I'm a FTM and was so excited to have a vaginal birth. But, God had other plans for me. Recovery wasn't impossible, but it wasn't easy. I let my body heal and started training when I felt comfortable. Today I ran a 5k! My first race post partum. When I crossed the finish line and saw my baby girl it was at that moment I realized she has shown me strength inside myself I never knew I had. I am so incredibly thankful for her and her love. She is my world and I did that race for her and myself. With her in my world, anything and everything is possible. I also placed 2nd in my age group! :) a big shout out to all the April moms who are now superheroes! We can do anything we put our minds to. :) ❤️️❤️️