Why me?

Macy • 🏇🎤🎸🎣⚽️🔫🤰🐾
I am so sick of the way I'm treated. There are no decent boys in this town, my ex and I were planning to get back together and he posted the pictures from prom with a girl who I've never liked because she was always mean to me and my friends. He got pissed off when I asked him why he posted that. Last night after a party, after me dragging him home and making sure he was okay and putting him right to bed after letting him fuck me, after I stayed up late with him as he was sick, comforting him and cuddling him, trying to help him sleep. After I told him how much he means to me and how much I still love him. I bought his liquor for him, I buy him anything he wishes. I do everything he asks and what do I get? Fucked and chucked, left to cry alone in the bath tub and pretend to be happy so no one asks questions. It honestly is the worst feeling you could ever imagine.