really wanna meet our baby girl

Katie •
I'm 37 weeks this morning I thought I was going into labour but i wasn't I was getting pains really bad my partner made me mad this morning I said to him I'm not feeling well I'm getting bad vagnial pains and bad backache he just sits their thinking I'm faking it when I wasn't I was like really I'm in in bad pain here it pisses me off I've still got to get everything organised before she's born he don't even wanna help me sort out her stuff he pulls his face and moans ive always felt alone during this pregnancy feels like he don't want to be apart of it it's making me mad this week I'm gonna get some ice cream watch a girly film and take some me time oh and pig out on cookies lol really craving them 🍦🍨🍧🍵🍭🍮🙌👣🛁🛀🌛