What should I do?

Lauren • Delilah💕• Zach 😘
My mother left my step dad Michael 2 months ago. She left him because he was telling me to kill myself caking me worthless a whore a bitch and a racial slur. He then tried to force my mother to kick me out. Which didn't turn out to good for him because a couple weeks after that she kicked him out because he came home drunk. Ever since he left money has been tight. I babysit during the week for 11 hours Monday-Friday and I get $300 a week. My boyfriend also lives with me too, but he goes home for 2 days and comes back. Him and I are moving out in September so we've been saving up and I've been helping him pay his bills. I told my mom that I couldn't help her pay her bills for at least 3 weeks. She wasn't very happy. I'm doing that because I want to move out as quickly as possible. Even though I'm 17 she's letting me move out because " I'm too much for her to handle " today she yelled at me because I'm not giving her money. It hasn't been 3 weeks yet. So I can't give her money. She's expecting me to pay her car payment, electricity wifi, food rent, and extra money so she can go out. I'm not really sure what to do at this point. Any ideas? It would mean a lot. Thank you