27 weeks pregnant and I really want a cigarette

Me and my SO would usually go through a pack a day before we found out i was pregnant.

I slowly cut back my first trimester 3 cigarettes a day, second trimester two and 25 weeks i went the ENTIRE week without one single cigarette not even at hit.

This whole week has been a complete STRUGGLE because my SO of course still smokes and will smoke around me.

I try to explain how hard he's making it for me but yet understand if i wasn't pregnant i probably still be smoking too. I always said if i became pregnant i would totally kick the habit for good but it's definitely easier said than done.

My SO just literally came back in the house from smoking and i smell it all over him 😭 so im struggle with the devil on one shoulder saying just go outside and take 3 hits you'll be fine, while the angle on the other keeps scaring me of how quitting then starting again does way more harm, and how it would kill me if my son was born with breathing problems or couldn't play like a normal kid....because of me.

Just 3 hits wont hurt...but your baby is actually swallowing amniotic fluids now...quitting cold turkey could be hurting him to....but what if he's better since i quit.... Damn that cigarette smells so good because SO is laying right up under me without even realizing the pressure he's currently putting through... My baby boy just kicked he's so strong....not if you keep smoking he wont

HEEEEEEELP!!!!! 13 More weeks needs to hurry. I can deal with killing myself but not hurting my baby 😭😢😭😢😭