first cycle after loss

Kaitlyn • two losses before our double rainbow on 5.31.2017. 🌈 Expecting again on 12.4.2018! 💕
Hi there. I wanna tell you a little bit about my journey if you don't mind. 
 My husband and I tried for a complete year to conceive without luck and then 5 days before I was suppose to start femera, I got my first positive pregnancy test! It was MIRACLE, really! I was pregnant for just 8.5 weeks when I miscarried our baby. Complete devastation. They told us the baby stopped growing at 6wks but my body carried it for 2.5 more because the heartbeat continued. they told us it was most likely chromosomal issues although for tests confirmed I had really low progesterone so I'm not sure the real cause. But I passed our baby naturally without surgery. Anyways, I waited 42 days for my first cycle to come back after miscarrying. I am now on cycle day 13 and just took this ovulation test this morning 10am...can anyone confirm that this is positive? We bd right after taking it this morning but not sure how long to wait to do it again? I want to give it our all. I normally ovulate late like cycle day 19-20 so this is early for me on day 1: and I'm glad I caught it today!
I'm having cramping on my right side ovary...that's good right? Any advice?! 
Thank you ladies