Feeling so lucky to be alive and unharmed today. 😳

So today was my last day of work at my current job. I am about to move back to Colorado to move in with my boyfriend (we ate 9 weeks pregnant and have been long distance). My car is old and has a lot of miles. I've had her since I was 18 and she's rusty and the AC and radio stopped working ages ago. But she drove fine. Until this afternoon.
I was flying down the highway, windows down (because of the lack of air conditioning) and my check engine light starts to flash. Crap. I decide to get home because my car is literally about to be towed behind a truck for 1,100 miles and I'll get a mechanic to look at it when we get back. 
About half a mile down the road, my car starts making weird noises and then there is a large jolt and I start to lose power. I look in my mirrors and there is smoke. LOTS of smoke. Luckily, I'm at an exit and I pull off the highway and onto the shoulder of the exit ramp. There is decent visibility, so I figure it's as good a spot as any. I grab my purse and get out of the car. I thought it was overheating until the smoke started getting thicker and black. I called 911 just in case and halfway through describing the situation to dispatch, I see the flames.
The firefighters let me sit inside the truck because they had air conditioning and o watched as my poor old car burned up in front of my eyes. 
The fire was contained to the engine, but the cat isn't salvageable. And I knew that I wouldn't be driving a baby around in that car anyway, but still. I loved that poor car. I bought her when I was 18 with every cent I had been saving since I had been in middle school. She was a great car and served me well through college, in blizzards, trips to the mountains, and long commutes. 
But mostly, I am thankful to be alive and unharmed. I managed to escape this mess with nothing more than a papercut. If the flames had ignited a minute earlier, they would have hit me right in the face at 70mph. I have a fairly unreasonable fear of being burned alive and the more I think about how badly this story could have ended, the more amazed I am that I am ok. 
So glad that my boyfriend is coming tomorrow. I really need a hug. Holy shit. 
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