Put yourself in my shoes ladies..

Brianna ā€¢ TTC my Rainbow Baby ! Miscarriage 12/26/14 & Ectopic with Left tube removed 5/20/18šŸ˜‡šŸ˜‡
So your man gets off work around 4 , calls you to let you know he's going to see his kids for a little while. 6oclock comes around u give him a call he says he's going to be heading home soon..an hour later u get 2missed calls from him so u call back NO ANSWER So u wait for his call again& U find out a a soccer game which he's really into is about to start so u kind of feel like he ended up going to his friends place to watch it ... U call and call still no answer , no texts .. Now its already 11pm the soccer games over ... Still calling and no answer .. Then it hits 12 and now his cell is off/dead. 2am he calls you through Facebook messanger to ask if you can open the door downstairs. I ask are u drunk? He said a little ..I said where have u been and why couldn't u answer your phone? He replies "I couldn't hear it" COME ON NOW u know dam well he looked at that phone a bunch of times šŸ˜‘ so I hung up .. 20mins passed so I go downstairs .. He's not in the hallway so I walk around the building and find him in the car he sold to our friend who I knew first but he met her and my whole group of friends while I was away for 1yr then I came back and met him now after i got with him I had heard he used to like her/be in love with her and I absolutely believe it .. NOW please explain to me how the fuck he got the car if he wasn't with her ? At this point I'm furious.. I banged on the window he opened I asked him why do do u have the car ? You've been out with her and couldn't call me or come pick me up what if I wanted to have a few drinks and watch the game ? He says no I wasn't with her I asked to borrow the car earlier when I had the kids.. Now I'm not stupid .. Its bullshit .. She posted on Facebook that she was watching the game when it started and she was at a bar obviously she had her fucking car šŸ˜‘ šŸ˜‘ šŸ˜‘ SOOO he got punched in the face and I slammed the car door and left him outside ... he did this once before and tried to lie ... & that time I attacked him he literally started crying because I wouldn't stop punching and slapping him he probably wanted to fuck me up or he was just so drunk he got emotional .. I NEVER EVER put my hands on him other then that time and now this .. Maybe y'all ladies wouldn't of hit your man but my anger took over me I just had to .. 2am and he thinks I'd just open the door and be like hey babe how was your day šŸ˜‚ FUCK THAT .. I'm pissed and needed to vent .. Like she could of called me or MY MAN could of .. But neither of them did. Like wtf kind of Bullshit is that smh