Searching for my cycle buddy!

Ok so my name is Brooke. I'm 20 years old and married to a marine. June 23 was our one year anniversary. We have been trying to conceive since Janurary of 2015. After several miscarriages and clean bills of health from our doctors, we are at a lost. My period cycle is very irregular. I average two a month with a 14 menstrul cycle average. My next period is due July 3rd but I started spotting this evening after intercourse. Below is a pic of last month and this month cycles. If you match let's chat. Or if you want to help out with advice that's welcomed too. The miscarriages and constantly trying to no avail is really starting to get to me. Oh don't know if it matters but I was on depo for two years to regulate my period. Obviously no longer on depo and haven't been since 1/15.