Am I in the wrong or is he?

My ex boyfriend the father of my unborn child is trying to control my life we broke up a few days after he found out I was over a month pregnant( we found out together)  he Told me think about an abortion but ever since he has tried to make my life hell, I can't talk to another lad without getting constant messages off him saying I shouldn't talk to anyone because I have his child, but it's ok for him to move on within the first week.
I've had loads of complications in the pregnancy meaning extra scans as her growth is so slow it's a major worry his been to my first 2 scans at 12 weeks and 20 weeks but I've had another 5 since to check on her his not been there at all.
Just recently I was booking a small holiday for my birthday at a small caravan site me and the baby and my mate and her baby well somehow he found out and went mental at me for the fact i want to go on holiday with her.
This is what is bugging me more, I have 7 weeks until the baby is here his bought nothing for the baby at all, he has wasted all his money and he lives on the Xbox yet I'm out working trying to get all the money I can to make sure she has everything she needs, I've moved on and talking to someone new who I'm totally happier with who don't bring me down but to him that's wrong.
Can anyone advice me what's best if I put him on the birth certificate what will happen? I know he has certain rights, but personally if his like this now once she's born and on the birth certificate I think he will try and control me I'd need permission to take her abroad literally everything and from how his been his the type of person to say no.
What happens if she's in his last name? Like will that cause any issues when it comes to things like holidays, passports all things like that? 
I've done some research but everything contradicts itself.
 am I over reacting to how his being or is this normal for me to be like this, I never thought I'd have to doubt putting her father on the birth certificate, what would anyone else do in this situation?