Meet Cora!

Cora AnnMarie born 6/26/16 at 3:35pm. 6lbs 6.5oz, 19in, 36 wks 5 dy gestation.
Woke up at 4:45am because I felt a small gush of fluid. I was really unsure if I'd peed or if my water broke. It was such a small amount, it didn't even get on the bed or anything. Woke my husband to get me a towel, totally worried I was going to embarrass myself telling him I'd peed the bed. Went to the bathroom and saw some mucus plug and bloody show. So then I knew it wasn't my imagination. I seriously took my time going to the hospital. I had breakfast, waited on my parents, hung out with my child, bounced on the birth ball, and finally went to the hospital at 8am. When I got there, I was only 1.5cm! Same as I had been for a few weeks. So I knew pitocin was inevitable. My GBS results hadn't come back yet, so I had to get antibiotics. I had an allergic reaction to them and my swelled up and got really red and my chest was al itchy. My blood pressure also dropped crazy low and I had to have medication for that. I labored naturally for a few hours before getting the epidural. Birth ball was incredible! Got epidural at 3-4cm. Next check I was at a 6 and within 15 mins of being at 6cm, I was fully dilated and pushing. Pushed about 5 times through only one contraction and she was here! 
No tears, no cuts, no pain minus some cramps, baby is eating and breathing fine despite being a little early. I feel great! Easiest delivery I've ever had. Praise God!