Partner has no idea how hard this will be.

Me and my partner currently have our own house. We bought it before I fell pregnant and we always agreed that when it happened we would move to another area as I didn't want my baby growing up around here or going to the school in the area. We have lived together for nearly 2 years and been together for nearly 3. I fell pregnant in January and he's due in October. So now my partner has said its the perfect time for us to move and buy a new house. NOW?! 3 months before I'm due to have a baby you want to up route us!? Nothing more was said on the matter until the other day he took me to the house he wanted to buy. I stood outside and my face dropped to the floor. WHAT. A. DUMP!! It needs completely and utterly renovation and gutting through out! So where do we live while this is being done. His parents house!! Are you kidding me??!! At this stage i was fuming!! He works mon-fri 8am-7pm. He's having two weeks off with me when the baby is born and then after that it's back to work. Plus any free time he has left he's going to spend it renovating a house! So he's going to have no time for his baby or me! He's got no idea what so ever!! This isn't what me or the baby need we need our home. A stable home. That we can live in. Not at his parents house while they are interfering!! I blame everything on his dad cause when my partner was younger his dad was never around cause he was always out working. I feel like I'm going to practically be a single parent. We have spoke about this and argued about this alot now. So sitting down and talking is no longer an option. He's made up his mind and me and my baby are going to have to take back seats in this. 😢