Help me please

My bf of 4 years what's to end it and wants space, send our daughter and I back to our home province (34 hours away) still pay for everything. I snooped his phone and found his new co worker sending him nudes, lots of them.. It didn't look like he commented on them it he texts her a lot and has slept out at a "work buddies" 3 times now, I don't know if I belive him or if he's cheating on me, I'm stuck at his moms with him pretending like everything is peachy to. I want to work stuff out and still be a family but I feel like he's hiding us like a dirty secret so he can fuck whoever he wants. Part of me wants to take him for everything hill make and the other half wants to work shit out so our daughter had a mommy and daddy. What would you ladies do? I've never bin in this sad place before and I can't tell anyone bc I feel like a failure

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