Ovulation tests at work: logistics

Hey ladies! So excited to have joined this community. I'm not TTC yet, technically, but I'm trying to learn my cycle for a few months before we begin. We are getting married 10/29 and will be starting around then. Anyway, I have regular cycles (26-28 days, with one outlier of 25 days. It is usually 26 days, probably 80% of the time) I should, I would think, ovulate soon. Unfortunately nothing yet. I'm being fairly lackadaisical about it this cycle but next month after AF (July 12th) I want to be more serious about it. Right now I'm just randomly taking two ovulation tests a day. I know I should probably take 3 and at set times. My only question is, how would I do this at work? I was thinking an 11am and 4pm one, but I would be at the office. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this?