Plan B Pill

Hey ladies, so I took plan b like Friday on the 17th after having unprotected sex. I took it within 30 mins or an hour but I just don't feel myself at all, I've been crying everyday since, I am emotional, I feel weak and tired and I getting little cramps that really doesn't hurt & I also feel bloated as well and don't even have and appetite at all. It feels like my period is about to start soon according to my <a href="">period tracker</a> I start in 15 days and I am suppose to be fertile today. But I just don't feel myself after taking the plan b pill, has anyone every felt like this before when they took the pill? Also P.S. I don't feel nauseous or anything like that I just feel off about myself. One more thing I have taken plan b before I give it a month ago and it worked got my period and all but I REALLY stressed myself out. I went to the doctor last Monday just for a check up and I guess with me stressing out so much I went from 158lbs to 151lbs idk if that is normal or not because I wasn't exercising at the time. But my doctor told me if I have taken the plan b within the time frame I will be okay