No car AC and 4 month old.

Does anyone else not have AC in their car and have a small infant? I have a 4 month old and I drive a 94 honda civic coupe with no ac. I feel so bad for him when we have to go somewhere .. there's absolutely no airflow that gets to him in the backseat newbie because my cars a 2 door. I've lately been putting a wet washcloth in the freezer for 2 minutes before we leave the house to keep him cool. By the time I take him out the car seat his whole onesie is soaked with sweat. I only ever put him in a thin white onesie to go driving. I don't have the funds to fix it and I can't drive my fiances car with AC until I get my license because his inspection it out of date, and I can't get caught no license, dead tag etc. Is anyone in a similar boat? What do you do for your little ones?