Brandy • •Chloe Grace ♡ 1/20/17 •baby #2 passed at 6.5 weeks (was due Sept. 2, 2019)...
How many of you Momma's got to hear the heartbeat yet?! I'm only 6w1d.. And heard baby's heartbeat at 5w6d(: us tech was super surprised... WE GOT TO SEE BABY TOO!! (: heartbeat was strong and steady! After hearing the heartbeat, I'm pretty sure baby is gonna be a boy!
Do any of you Momma's use the theory on the heartbeats for the gender? That's what my whole family uses, and it's never failed them yet. So I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a baby boy! 🙈😍
Happy and healthy 9months to all you Momma's!!