Am I wrong

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Okay ladies I'm going to do my best to tell the story the right way un biased and not just telling it n my favor so I've been seeing this doctor's office for my baby appointment and they already had a few bad reviews but I didn't want to start off on the wrong foot based on other people's opinions and they accepted my insurance I stayed with them halfway through my pregnancy my Midwife transferred so there was nothing I could do about that..... so the very first appointment I had after she left I saw the OB there's only one at that practice she had all of my charts wrong my blood type she was ordering all this medicine and shots and I was so upset I didn't say..... anything of course I didn't take any of the shots.... that day after I left I called back to let the receptionist nurse know that the OB had all of my records wrong so after that I wanted to transfer but I was already 25 weeks and that would be difficult..... so I stayed my original Midwife came back about 2 weeks ago I was so happy.... that's when they realized I had a lot of sugar in my pee so I was given another glucose test.... I already had one at 12 weeks so at 26 weeks I took another I failed the one hour so I decline the 3 hour and went ahead and classified myself as gestational diabetic to get me and my baby on the right track.... so after that I noticed a change in the office atmosphere like I had done something wrong... so I figured maybe she was upset with me for not controlling my sugars maybe because she cared that's what I originally thought.... now I know it's because they have to set you up with a diabetes clinic and refer you out.... so I live in Orlando big place lots of hospitals.... they decide to send me to Tampa a hour and a half away from me she said its because of my insurance.... then I have to set up an consult with a doctor in Tampa to tell me how to use the glucometer and such.... so today she asked me why I didn't have any of my materials I told her because I haven't had any appointments yet and she said well they been trying to call you what's the problem..... and I said no no one has called me so she got upset and said why haven't you called them I said called who I don't even know who you're talking about.... you haven't given me any phone numbers I can't read your mind..... turns out I had already talked to the people two weeks ago and my insurance hasn't gone through.... so instead of her apologizing she became defensive with me so she was like if we can't control this we're going to transfer you.... I said you know what you need to just go ahead and transfer me today..... so as I'm leaving she hands me a glucometer and said bye good luck... so this whole time she could have given me a glucometer because she gave me one today and said good luck didn't explain to me how to use it nothing!!!!!!! am I wrong to be very very upset. This is a blessing in disguise because hopefully I'll get to see good doctors but I am now almost 8 months pregnant and I'm going to have to drive an hour and a half every week to be seen by brand new doctors.... I do not mind doing it I will do anything I have to for my son I just feel like it's too late that if anything is wrong with him it's too late