Anyone? ! TMI


So I was spotting yesterday (hardly anything) I've been tracking opks, I'm on cycle day 15 now, had my first ever positive opk yesterday around 5pm (been ttc for about 9 months, I have pcos). Had a little back pain cramps, but then went to bed at night (couldn't BD, cause hubby was out of the country with work, so only managed to BD on CD 13 this cycle 😬). anyway went to bed,started bleeding much heavier than spotting, and then I couldn't sleep was getting bad twinges and cramps in my pelvis and ovaries, went to the loo and (TMI) passed three large clots anx lots of small clots. Now I now you can spot with ovulation but this is not spotting it's quite like AF. So what the hell was the poitive opk about? Couldn't sleep cause of the pain last might. So I'm irritated today anyway. Is this me out this month? Is this AF? I'm so confused and annoyed. Would appreciate any help.

Baby dust to those in need! 😙