NEED July BUDDY, AF due July 24/25.


Hi gals! This will be our 3rd month ttc. We just got married and I stopped my birth control in April so I am still learning about my body's natural rhythm. AF just showed up yesterday/today (June 25-26) as she usually starts out slow. My fertile week usually starts right after AF, I think. This month, I want to BD every other day for 2 weeks after AF leaves, if our crazy work schedules allow (I work 12hr overnights, he works 10hr days so we sometimes don't even see each other).

We used preseed last month, but I think we missed my fertile window because the apps were off and my OPK went from low to peak, with no high reading so we weren't prepared. We are praying July is our month!! I'd love to have company while we wait :)