She's lying about being pregnant

My very good friend is going through a divorce at the moment. She's manipulative, a habitual liar and downright crazy. (I'm actually really concerned because her delusions are escalating) The most recent event took place yesterday. She told him she's been bleeding "for a couple of weeks" and she took a pregnancy test and it was positive. She also said she went to the ER two nights ago because she was "hemorrhaging" and they had to do a blood transfusion. They also did a blood test that said she was 9 weeks but did not do atransvaginal ultrasound because of the bleeding. Keep in mind that this woman is an ICU nurse at the same hospital she went to the ER. That was supposedly late Saturday night and she still went to work on Sunday night. She had no paperwork and no proof she had even been to the dr. When he told her that he was going to see if she was telling the truth and check their insurance to see if a claim was made, she said "oh they didn't go through our insurance because they filed it as workmans comp" (she wasn't injured on the job) She then claimed last night she had o go back to the ER and stopped texting him because she was "doing so bad" but continued to text his mother and sister telling them what a POS he was because he didn't believe that she was pregnant and likely having a miscarriage. Also note, she had to take fertility meds to get pregnant with their first child and that took two years AND she's on birth control because she has cysts on her ovaries. She claims that because she's lost weight (she's had the weight off for a few years now) that her dr said it would be possible for her to get pregnant easier. None of this is adding up to ANYONE that knows about it yet she's still claiming it's happening and telling him that if she loses the baby its his fault because of the stress he's putting her under and he's "indirectly killed their child" (her exact words) I've been pregnant myself SEVEN times. I know everything that happens when you have a miscarriage. I even lost one at 16 weeks and one of my children I found out I was pregnant with when I went to the ER for profuse bleeding (luckily that child made it) but I was put on strict bed rest and only able to get up to use the bathroom till the bleeding had stopped. I don't want to feel like I have a biased opinion because he's my friend so please let me know what you guys are thinking.