Long rant 39 weeks

Mazie • Married to the love of my life Jeffrey ! Due with my baby girl Maryjoan Laural Stanley July 4th! Christian,1st time mom
Went to the doc today my bp was up so they sent me to l&d got a ultra sound she's head down I'm not dialed at all she barley could reach my cervix so they had me on the Monitor and my bp went down so finally after being there all day the doc comes in a looks over and told me off about drinkin a Pepsi which I had after the doc appointment she tells me eat more vegetable blah blah blah basically callin me fat I told her I have a head ache she said its from the caffeine but I didn't have that until after I went to doctor now I have to do 24 hour urine sample for preeclampsia I just can't stand that doctor I hope when I go back there for the real thing she's not there I'm due in 1 week so hopefully a miracle happens and I go into labor on my own