Sex while on break

So me and my boyfriend got into a really heated arguement we almost even broke up so just before we were going to end it, he said to me 'we can go on a break for little bit but you can still come to my house' he means you can still come for sex i got so upset by that just stared him down for littlebit  and said im leavimg and never coming back again im out of your life, he then ran benid me stopped me from going said sorry a million times then said im was joking i then said while crying you cant be joking like that  'what do i look like to you?!!' He then changed it and said he didnt mean it that way just as friend that i can come over, i didnt beleive him And when he tried to touch me i strongly said do not touch me or come near me, this went on for an hour then he goes 'what do i do to fix this i didnt mean it that way' then he looked up at me his eyes blood shot red he started crying and ive never seen him cry in my life before acctually ive never seen a boy cry before he was geniunely sorry and ive been with my bf for over a year then i went over to him and said you don't believe me and i said 'i do ive forgiven you but i wont forget' i dont know if he said that because he was really angry at the time or he acctualy didnt mean it at way but whatever the case hes my love mistakes happens and people do say thing they are not meant to even if they are angry but i forgive him