Will fiance's snoring bug baby?


Ok so my original thinking was when baby is a newborn, to have him in a bassinet during the night in our room. Probably for the first 6 ish weeks or so, then transition him to a crib. Just to cut down on trips down the hall to the nursery, make it easier you know.

But it just dawned on me. My fiance snores. Like a bear. It's bad. Lol. Some nights I even have to kick him out of the room to sleep on the couch just so I can get some shut eye! Other nights not a peep. It's a weird, inconsistent snore. But some nights boy I wouldn't be surprised if the apartment upstairs could hear him.

Will this be too much of a sleep disturbance for baby? Or will baby be up often enough where he won't get a chance to sleep that deeply to snore so bad?

Do you snore? Does your SO snore? Any experience or opinions? Thanks!