Ovarian Cyst? Please read Im 15

Hi I lost my V-Card April 24th , Used a condom , No ejuculation & it didnt last long cause it hurt . like 2 weeks after I started having stomach pains. We just ruled out I had a stomach virus. 
I got my period May 5th , It was very heavy enough to fill pads . BUT I started to feel sick. Dizzyness , Tender Breast , Queasy sometimes ,And i started to get sharp pains on both side where my ovaries were.  Me freaking out and reading online got me thinking i'm pregnant. (but i cant be !)   So i started to say Once i get my period again in June its okay. Soo I did get it in June 9th , heavy. BUT IT WAS SO PAINFUL. i could barely sleep. Now as in now as I wait for my next period , I still have Tender breast , i get full when i eat like snacks, I'm  very bloated on and off . When i press down where me pelvis is its like bloated. I still get sharp pains and sometimes it goes to my back , sides. My back hurts alot .  I'm queasy sometimes .It hurts like inside my vagina sometimes also.  I'm just a wreck. . Ever since i had sex , Ive havent been myself and it sucks cause it makes me wish i didnt do it JUST because i'm always not feeling well 😪 ! So you think its an ovarain cyst? Pregnancy is out the case right? Please no rude comments. I have no one to really talk about this to. So please comment anything that can set me to ease. No rude comments.