Is it ok to shave my Australian Shepard?

I have a 2 year old Australian Shepard (slight collie mix). He sheds like crazy, I don't know how he even has any fur left. My fiancé and I live with his mom because she was in college a few hours away. Now she graduated and we are looking to rent a place of our own. I don't foresee that happening due to my dogs shedding. I can already imagine the hefty cleaning fee we would have at moving out. His hair is so thick and long that the vacuum won't suck it up. I have to take a comb to the carpet 😒 not fun. Can I shave him!? I've been considering it lately but I've never seen a shaved ausie. Is it bad for their skin or should he be fine? Will it grow back normal? 😳 I'm kind of nervous to do it. Would love to know if anyone has shaved a long haired dog like that!

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