Best friend & abusive husband want to visit

I attended my best friends wedding last summer, shortly after, I started getting word that he was hitting her and I even witnessed it with my own eyes at their house one night... Fast forward about 4 months after their wedding I got word that they were getting their marriage annulled because he had beat the shit out of her & drug her up the stairs by her hair- then I learned that has been happening ever since they've been together. But this time she called the cops and he was in jail & she was pressing charges... That was the last I heard. Over the past couple of days I have been chatting with her about her taking a road trip down to NC (she's from Ohio) to stay with me for the 4th of July weekend and we were gonna go to Myrtle Beach... Well I just got a call from her and she wants to BRING HER FREAKIN HUSBAND?! To stay here for 4 days... 1st of all, I didn't even know they were back together?!! And now she wants to bring him to stay at my house for 4 days! Idk how I feel about this! I wanted to see my friend that I haven't seen forever & now I don't know what to do. Would you let them come down together for a visit in your house?!