I'm gonna be homeless

I live these apartments for low income families with my mom and six other younger siblings. So my mom has a boyfriend and he sometimes stays over and hang out with my little brother and teaches them right from. So yesterday morning he was sitting on the porch with my brother and they were listening to music and minding their own business. My moms boyfriend had to go inside to ise the bathroom and he was always waiting for his cousin to come pick him up so he could go visit his brother. So while he was in the bathroom my brothers were outside still listening to his music and then out of nowhere one of our neighbors decided that they wanted to go on the porch and steal the phone (these are the same neighbors that keep the eating to gang both my brothers and keep saying they are gonna shot them and the whole house up) so once they take off run and my brother comes in the house just as my moms boyfriend gets out the bathroom and tell him what happen. I know you're probably thinking why didn't he try to stop him or something. After they had threaten my brother he has been scared to do even come near them. So my moms boyfriend was mad and saying every curse word in the book but before anything bad had happened him and my mom went up to the little boy's mother and told her what had happened and asked if she could get her son and give him back his phone but all she did was slam the door in their face which in return made him wven more upset but he walked away without causing too much of a scene. 30 minutes later he was still looking for the boy and I guess he let his anger get the best of him and he did something irrational idk what it was but that's what my mom told me so now we have less then three days to find another place to live. For the past few months my mom have been looking on Craigslist, trulia, Zillow and just driving around looking for another place for us to move cause it was a unhealthy environment for all of us and we were very uncomfortable with the numerous threats and the false reports the neighbors have been telling to the landlord or office whatever you wanna call them. I don't know what to do anymore so please if you could help me by keeping an eye out for places in the surrounding Nashville, tn area for those that do live then that would be greatly appreciated. In all honesty any help is will be greatly appreciated.