BAD PAIN During Ovulation😩😫😖😭

Hello ladies, so yesterday I went for a walk with my little one, mind you I'm currently ovulating and as I was walking this horrible pain came to me. It felt as if someone had kicked my ovaries (BOTH) I couldn't walk and just wanted to sit down and cry. I was only 3 blocks away from home my son was riding this tricicle and it took me a life time to get back home because of the pain. TODAY is actually the 4th day I'm ovulating but idk if it's normal to feel this bad. For a second I thought about going to the ER I also thought maybe I'm finally pregnant don't know it and I'm about to miscarriage OMG lord forgive me so many things went through my mind. I took an ibuprofen and went to sleep and just woke up feel just a little better but even sitting down just hurts. Any advise, opinions or suggestions it'll be kindly appreciated🙏🏽