Wanna hear a funny story???

So... About 38 weeks ago, my fiancé and I were in the mood to get jiggy with it. No problem right? So we're doing our thing, having a good ol time... And by time he's about ready to finish (it came much quicker than normal) I wasn't prepared! I mean I did have him wait about a month or so because I just honest to god was NOT in the mood. But one day it hit me like a brick wall... So anyways... He was ready to finish, and we typically move all over the room. But we were still in the first position!! And hadn't left the bed yet!  So when he said, alright I gotta finish... Girls...I held his hips and said "ABSOLUTELY NO WAY!!! THESE ARE BRAND NEW SHEETS AND I AM NOT GOING TO WASH THEM ALREADY!!!" I mean literally... That was like the first time him and I had laid in them!! I wasn't in the mood for washing them yet!🙄 so he finished inside, obviously.. So the next day, I'm at work. I stayed after to decorate for Halloween with everyone. He calls me about 6:30-7 and asks how my day was.. I tell him it was good and we're going to win the decor contest. Lol and you know what he says? "So babe.. I think you're pregnant. I just have this really weird feeling..." I was like okay.. Haha if I am then we're having a baby! Of course I had to wait 3 weeks to test😅 And here we are, 38 weeks later... With the love of our lives about ready to make his grand appearance😅❤️