My hubby's mom!!

Cara • We lost Our baby at 13 weeks, we've had countless negative tests and now we are waiting for our miracle Raindbow baby <3
I really dislike my hubby's mom. From the day that she met me, she just didn't like me. Why? Because I'm white and her son is black. Why? Because Im covered in tattoos and have pink hair. She really doesn't like me because of this and it was a problem for me at first. When I see her, she does not acknowledge me at all, she stands there with the most sour most evil look on her face and ignores the shit out of me. Me and hubby been together nearly 3yrs and I think his mom is also upset at the fact that he broke up with his ex and child's mother 5yrs ago. Think she's a racist cunt of a mother, who preferred his child's mother over me because of my appearance and colour. Lol.. sorry I just had to rant about this. I don't want his mom around our children, when I can't even be around her myself like his ex can. Pmsl... I don't even want the mom at our wedding. Aaaahahaa lol I don't care... She just makes me want to rip her head off every time I see her. lol