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Soooo basically I started my period today an I literally am preparing for my cramps so I decided to make a list of everything I use to solve my cramps.
- Aleve
YALLL THIS MEDICINE LITERALLY MAKES ME NUMB like sometimes I forget that I'm on. And I have very low pain tolerance and my cramps get bad to where I will scream so this works.
-Hot Water Bottle
Yeahhhh that red rubber bottle that's look like an organ definetely helps with my back cramps.
-Sleepy time Tea
It's used to help you relax and to help your muscles relax. And as you know cramps are miniature contractions where we get reallll tense down there. So this definetely helps put you to sleep and relieve pain.
taking vitamins before your period comes on helps reduce pain.
It helps reduce the chance of clotting which is a major contribution towards cramps
This never relieved my cramps directly. Like my period couldn't just starts and I'd could go hop on a treadmill and be okay. But when I ran track whenever my period did come on it was lighter and had an easier flow and my cramps were almost non existent. So excericising consistently before your period helps. 
I know y'all are like ew baths. Like blood and all that stuff. But it works the water literally submerges your uterus and it relieves pressure and your cramps will suddenly stop. I normally take 2 aleves while the water is running and then get in. By the time the water has relieve your cramps and it's time to get out. The Aleve has kicked in so you don't have to worry about pain after you get out. And you can go to sleep pain free.
Ever since I got my period in 7th grade I push. I hate the feeling of the blood coming out on its own. So when I push I know when it's gonna come out and I'm also rushing the process along. When I found out cramps were like contractions I was like why not treat the blood like its a baby. And boom I began pushing. And it definetely helps when I feel like a big cramp. I'll just push and even if it's a little bit of relief it's okay because something is better than nothing.