"Elevator from the shining moments"

Julianna • 21//Air Force wife and momma to a precious little boy

When I woke up, my husband left for work and I had one of those "I'm about to have one of those elevator from the shining moments" sure enough I did '-_- thanks to the hormones I just started crying and laid in my shower for an hour watching a movie to feel better

My period is usually very light and my cramps go away after the first day but I feel miserable and my cat ate my phone charger and I've cried a billion times already. Fireworks are illegal in the state I live in and the town cancelled the fireworks show that was planned yesterday and it bummed me out and I want to cry again. I wrote all this out and I accidentally deleted the entire thing. Ughhhhhh.

I just feel so awful and my husband called me to make sure I was okay and I just told him I wanted to cry and that I needed pads so my husband being the most wonderful man ever said he'd get me pads and take care of me and let me cry on him when he gets home.

Why are periods so ruthless?!?