I'm so confused

So my story is on the 15th June I had a positive pregnancy test after ttc for a whole year we were ecstatic. On the 25th I started to bleed only lightly I rang my midwife and she scheduled me an appointment for an internal scan on the Tuesday which was the 28th June. It was all gone and I was in the middle of a misscarage on the 30th I done another pregnancy test and it was already negative not even a light line. I stopped bleeding on the 29th then again today I started to bleed it is now the 5th of July, I done a ovulation test today and it was almost positive I don't understand what is goin on with my body why am I bleeding and also nearly have a positive ovulation test only 10 days after my misscarage am I ovulating soon or is it my hormones everywhere someone give me some advise please I'm driving myself nuts. Photo is the ovulation test I just took