He chose drugs..

rebekah • My first pregnancy!
Hello everyone, I've been going through a major emotional time in my life. I was with this guy for 10 months, the first few months were good but after we moved in together is when the problems really started showing up.. Over a period of time I noticed things just kept getting worse, the way he treated me, the way we fought, the way he paced the rooms and hardly slept at night, the short temper, and before you know it, I found out he was doing drugs behind my back. I didn't wanna believe it, but all the signs were there right out in the open.. I ended up leaving him, moved an hour away, then a couple weeks later I found out I was pregnant. After telling him, we ended up not talking for a couple months, but in this period of time he was getting off of drugs, he was really trying to prove to me that he wanted this to work, was waiting to go to rehab and everything.. so I fell for it and gave him another shot. By this time he was going to move an hour away with me and get a job and help me take care of our baby. Right before he was going to move here, he stopped talking to me for a couple days then finally came out with telling me that he is giving up. He felt like he was too far gone, that there was no hope.. He left me to do this all on my own.. He used to cry to me about how he wanted to be a daddy so bad and hated the father figures he had in his life because they were either abusive or never there, and there he goes giving up on a better life because he feels like he's stuck. it's torn me up quite a bit, especially over the fact that I was helping him so much, and he felt like he wasn't worth it. He's given up on everything he wanted for so long for drugs, and it's done nothing but break my heart even more every single day.. I know I can't change him, which kills me even more so. I pray this never happens to anyone, and the ones that it has, I hope you were able to find peace with it. He is the love of my life, it's really hard to handle.. Please nothing negative, that's the last thing needed right now. I never knew when we first met that this would be where we are at now.. If others have been through this, I would really love to hear yalls stories and how you guys got through it, or just stories in general of the dad not being there, and how you were able to get through it being a single parent..