Anyone have a story of a time when a guy just couldn't take a hint?
Back in my first year of college I just got out of class and was walking to where my dad would pick me up, and this guy started walking with me telling me I was very beautiful and etc etc. Couldn't stop "bragging" about the beautiful car he had but doesn't anymore because he crashed it into a tree because he was drunk/racing another car. Asked if I had a boyfriend, I told him I did. He says
"Oh yeah a girl like you really needs a real man in her life."
THAT got me pissed. I said
"Maybe you're right. Wanna help me find one?"
"Ohh you've got the jokes I like that I like that."
I walked through the library, through the bookstore, halfway across campus trying to lose this idiot but he would not leave me alone. I even texted a friend to call me so I wouldn't have to talk to this kid but nope, this guy just sits next to me and waits until I finish. My friend has to go to class, so when I hang up he hangs me a pencil and notepad and asks for my number. I asked why a piece of paper and not a phone?
"Oh I don't have a cell phone."
"Then how do you plan on calling me?"
"I'll borrow my mom's phone while she's at work."
"How do you plan on taking me on a date if you wrecked your car?"
"No worries I can meet you at the bus station and we can take the bus somewhere". πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
So he gives me the paper, I wrote down the number for the nearest Domino's Pizza and tell him to give me a call. I go home and never hear from this kid again. 😊