Bug bite gone bad?

Emily • Baby #1 due April 2020❤️ Married 01/19/19❤️ Fur mama too!
So yesturday I was by a fire for most of the night and had no bug bites until I go to get ready for bed and bam three bug bites on my leg. The three looked pretty normal then today somehow by working for 8 hours of no scratching my bug bite behind my leg ended 4 times the size. In a circle. I went to urgent care and all they said was just put cream on it and take benedryll it should be good in a fee days. No test for Lyme or anything. What do you guys think? Sorry for the late night rant. The smallest is July 4th and then the 2nd one is around 12:30 pm July 5th and the third is at 7:30 pm July 5th and the last is 8:30 pm. I haven't scratched at all... hot to the touch as well.